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Syrian Refugee Crisis

Over the past year the Syrian people have suffered countless horrors and brutality, tragically deepening the biggest humanitarian disaster since the Second World War.

With over 4 million refugees, ‪‎Help For Syria‬ has never been more important. If you want to get involved and make a real difference to Syrian lives then please support the charities who are helping to ease the suffering by providing aid, shelter, water and education to those people who need it the most.


This is the greatest humanitarian crisis of modern times. Not since World War II have so many civilians been displaced through conflict.

Over 12.2 million people require aid within Syria. A further 7.6 million are internally displaced, 50% of them children, whilst over 3.8 million* have fled to neighbouring countries.

UK charities are helping to ease the suffering by providing medical aid, food, shelter, drinking water and education, but they are unable to continue their vital work without more awareness, donations and help from people like you.

*Data Source OCHA Feb 2015



Help for Syria is an online resource providing advice and guidance for anyone who wants to raise money and aid for Syria. We are not a charity, and cannot accept donations. Our purpose is to offer advice on how to organise fundraising events here in the UK to help the displaced Syrian people.

Help for Syria was launched by the Humanitarian Group for Syria in May 2013 after being set up by three British Syrian charities: Hand in Hand for Syria, Syria Relief and Human Care Syria.

In addition to fundraising advice, we also list a selection of approved charities, so you can be safe in the knowledge that your donations will reach those who need help the most.



By getting involved now, you can help UK charities raise more money and deliver more aid to a greater number of those who need it.

The Get Involved section gives you all the necessary information about how to organise your own successful fundraising activity alongside some ideas on which activities work best.

You can choose which charity will benefit from your fundraiser by going to the Find A Charity page where we have collated a selection of those approved by the Charity Commission. We have sorted them according to their sector expertise, e.g. food, medical supplies etc.

Don’t forget that there are many more excellent charities and organisations out there that do fantastic work. We’d love to hear about any inspirational fundraising stories you may have, so get in touch!