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Help for Syria is encouraging everyone to go the extra mile, and organise their own fundraising event rather than just making a cash donation. By involving your family, neighbours and community, more people will become aware of the plight of Syrians, and they might be spurred on to organise their own fundraiser as well.


Here is a list of fundraising events that have taken place recently. Not only have they been highly successful in raising money for Syria, but they’ve captured the imagination of people in the community and helped raise awareness for the campaign as well.


Norfolk appeal: overwhelming response

Staff at the Wells Deli shop and café in Holt, Norfolk, asked for clothes and shoes to help refugees get through the harsh winter in Syria.

Deli manager Ella King said: “We thought we might get a couple of bin bags full. We got six tonnes.”

Ella needed to marshal an army of volunteers to help sift, sort and pack the donations as there were so many.

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Gig for Syria

A band comprised of bloggers, journalists and political activists came together to stage a benefit gig in aid of Medecins Sans Frontiers who provide vital medical supplies to war torn countries such as Syria.

They went down a storm. One enthusiastic reviewer commented: “Great gig. Crazy venue. Embarrassing dancing… lots of money raised.”

In fact the final amount raised was just over £3,700. Well done all round.

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Syria’s Calling

Our partner charity Hand in Hand for Syria hosted their third ladies-only fundraising dinner and designer fashion show to raise money for their medical projects inside Syria. On Saturday March 21st, more than 300 people got together in North-West London and raised an astonishing £150,000 for the brand new women’s and children’s hospital in Syria.

Hand in Hand for Syria operates numerous medical facilities and hospitals in the country providing free medical care to patients with war injuries as well as to patients with general health conditions and illnesses.

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We’ve compiled a list of popular and easy ways to raise funds, which will give you some inspiration for your own event. The list is by no means exhaustive, but we hope it will fire-up your imagination and inspire you to organise an event that succeeds in raising some much-needed funds for the Syrian people. We love hearing about your personal fundraising stories and sharing it with others, so get in touch!


Dinner Party

Everyone likes great food, so why not host a dinner party inspired by the rich and varied cuisine of Syria? You can try out some new recipes, impress your friends, and in the process raise some money that’s desperately needed to ease the plight of the Syrian refugees.

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Sign up for a run

There are charity runs taking place all over the county. You don’t need to be a marathon runner and some are aimed solely at women. If you want to get fit, shed a few pounds and raise a few pounds at the same time, then this is the fundraiser for you.

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Donate on eBay

It’s time to ransack the attic and de-clutter the wardrobe! If you’re guilty of hoarding, then this is a perfect way for you to raise money as you put everything you don’t want on eBay and donate the proceeds to the charity of your choice.

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Jumble Sale

Most of us have too much stuff around the house, cluttering up cupboards and jamming draws. If you’re like that and have friends who are also hoarders, then ask them to get involved and donate items they no longer need so you can organise a jumble sale. And if you decide to buy more clutter on the day, that’s fine as it’ll be helping the people of Syria.

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Bike Ride

Most people own a bike, but if it’s gathering dust, raising money for Syria is a brilliant excuse to get back into the saddle. You might want to organise a sponsored bike ride from Bradford to Leeds for example, or take part in a bigger event with other cyclists. The choice is yours. Just make sure to involve your friends and raise plenty of cash.

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Cake Sale

Everyone likes cake. And there are plenty of recipes to choose from. Whether you opt for a traditionally English victoria sponge, or want to be more adventurous buy turning your hand to some Syrian delicacies, such as the traditional Harisi which is a semolina cake, invite your friends to take part and start baking. Just think of all the money you’ll raise.

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We trust that you’ve been inspired by this site, the work of fellow fundraisers and are now raring to go and organise your own event. If you’re feeling daunted, don’t be. It’s actually very easy, but to help you on your way we’ve put together this simple guide. Follow this, and you’ll be on the right path.