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02 Feb Save the Children for Syria

Continuing with our charity series, we look at the work of another organisation making remarkable improvements to the lives of the Syrian people inside the country and in the region.

Save the Children

Save the Children teams are working extremely hard in Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt and Iraq for families who have suffered due to conflict. Many families have lost their homes, livelihoods and loved ones, while many children have lost out on an education, Save the Children are providing food, safe water, medicine, protection, shelter and education.

With hundreds of thousands of children in Syria facing a huge risk of death, injury or illness, Save the Children have reached 1.6 million people, providing them with the necessities to survive. They are also re-building schools and training teachers in order to help children get back to education.

Nine year old Rami’s school was destroyed by bombs, when the school re-opened a few weeks later, his father did not allow him to go back as it wouldn’t have been safe. And he was right, the school was bombed twice more.

Rami now goes to a school supported by Save the Children outside his city. He dreams of becoming a lawyer like his father but worries this dream may not come true if schools continue to be bombed. Save the Children are working tirelessly to deliver the resources needed so that children like Rami are not deprived of their right to an education and a future.

In Jordan, Save the Children are helping to ensure that families and children don’t go hungry by distributing more than 500 tons of bread every month and food vouchers for 230,000 people, as well as offering psychological care and education and safety provisions to children.

Almost 1 million Syrian refugees are spread throughout Lebanon, making up a quarter of the country’s population. Save the Children are on the ground insulating buildings to protect families from the harsh winter weather, they are distributing clean water and hygiene information and they are helping parents find work opportunities.

Save the Children work in Iraq, providing 11 safe spaces that offer play activities, education and specialist emotional support. Within refugee camps, they also distribute blankets, clothing and food vouchers.

You can help Save the Children by donating or fundraising for their emergency appeals. You also can host events or expand your children’s horizon’s by joining the Save the Children club. There are so many ways to get involved and make a difference.



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