Syria Relief: A Direct Lifeline Inside Syria

Syria Relief: A Direct Lifeline Inside Syria

Syria Relief

19 Sep Syria Relief: A Direct Lifeline Inside Syria

Syria Relief

Syria Relief is one of our partner charities based in the UK and registered with the Charities Commission, and they carry out some amazing work on the ground, right inside Syria, in some of the hardest-to-reach areas of the country.

The charity was set up in 2011 and began its activities by working in the field of emergency medical care. Today it is able to provide many life-saving essentials including food, medicine and medical care, winter provisions including warm blankets and bedding, as well as an orphan support programme.

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Syria Relief is supporting over 1250 vulnerable orphans across Syria through their Orphan Support Programme. Countless children have been orphaned by the conflict and many have had to flee their homes without parents to accompany them.

The Orphan Sponsorship package covers the essentials like food, clothing and healthcare, as well as providing education. Orphans supported in this way are monitored through direct contact with the child or their carer if an elderly grandparent or well-meaning neighbour has taken them in. School reports are also regularly analysed with contact maintained with schoolteachers.

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Syria Relief relies on a solid network of management and logistic staff inside the country, who know where the aid is needed the most. This local network means that the charity is able to respond to emergencies quickly and efficiently, often in a matter of hours.

Syria Relief aims to provide support and care to 7.6 million men, women and children who are internally displaced by the conflict in Syria. With the help of generous donations, Syria Relief has helped 1.8 million people so far and has managed to distribute aid in excess of $25 million.

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Their donation policy states that you can direct your donations specifically to a campaign of your choice. Due to the proximity and efficiency of their work, so the money goes straight to where it is needed most. As such, Syria Relief is managing to do some challenging and life-saving work with limited resources.

We love what they do! Find out more about their inspiring work and the impact it is having on the ground in Syria by visiting the Syria Relief website on



All the images in this post have been sourced from Syria Relief’s website.


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