Three celebrities doing their bit for Syria

Three celebrities doing their bit for Syria

Celebrities for Syria

29 Jan Three celebrities doing their bit for Syria

Celebrities for Syria

Celebrities have reached a helping hand by raising awareness and donating money to charities working for Syrian refugees. While some have donated sums of money directly, others have taken to social media to encourage fans to get involved. With actors, musicians, writers and athletes all pledging support, we look at three of the most prominent celebrities who are making a big difference.


Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher

The comedian and his actress wife made a $1 million (£697,000) donation, split between two charities that help Syrians. With half of the money going to Save the Children and the other half to the International Rescue Committee. The huge donation will provide 250,000 measles vaccinations for children in northern Syria as well as helping support education, healthcare, shelter and sanitation for Syrian families in and around the country.


Edward Norton

After reading the story of a Syrian refugee on Humans of New York, film star Edward Norton started a Crowdrise Campaign to help raise funds for the man known as ‘the Scientist’. With a PhD and a dream to “make a difference in the world” with his inventions and contributions to science, the story of the Scientist attracted the attention of President Obama who extended a welcome to him on Facebook.

All money raised by Norton’s campaign will go towards surgery for the Scientist, who suffers from stomach cancer, as well as helping his family start a new life. So far, the campaign has raised $465,000 (£320,000).


Andy Murray

The tennis star has pledged a donation of £50 to UNICEF for every ace he hits this season. “I’ll get that little bit more satisfaction from each ace I hit knowing that it will be helping UNICEF keep children safe.” wrote the world number two.

Murray has also encouraged his fans to make donations and has so far collected £83,000 for UNICEF.


How you can help

There are many ways you can help support Syrians in their plight, as well as helping the charities above with donations, volunteering and fundraising, please check out our partner charities and the work they are doing on the ground to help alleviate some of the hardships faced by Syrians.



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