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28 Jan War Child for Syria

In the next instalment of our charity series, we take a look at War Child UK, a charity providing support to the most vulnerable Syrian children.


War Child UK

War Child UK work on providing sustainable and intensive support to the most vulnerable and marginalised Syrian children and young people. Their main priority is to address long term social and economic issues rather than simply handing out money.

Creating safe spaces for more than 1000 Syrian refugee children in Lebanon, War Child are providng a santuary that offers councelling to those who have lived through traumatic experiences.

In Jordan, War Child are working in Zaatari camp and surrounding towns and villages to create similar safe spaces alongside education and training programs.

Salma fled Syria with her family after her grandmother was seriously injured in a random bombing that also destroyed her home. Arriving in Zaatari camp aged 12, Salma was disheartened and felt that she had no chance to continue her education until she registered for the War Child program which provided her with numeracy and literacy classes. Salma now enjoys studying Maths and Arabic and hopes to be a teacher one day.

You can donate and fundraise as an individual or through your school or company while taking part in fun activites.


Other ways you can help charities 

There are many ways you can help support Syrians in their plight, as well as helping the charities above with donations, volunteering and fundraising, please check out our other partner charities and the work they are doing on the ground to help alleviate some of the hardships faced by Syrians.



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